Vanuatu Captive Insurance Services Ltd

Vanuatu Captive Insurance Services Ltd (VCISL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vanuatu Insurance Brokers Ltd (VIB). We specialise in providing tailor made Captive and Parametric Insurance solutions outside the realm of Traditional and Mainstream Insurance Company Policies and Products.

What is Captive Insurance?

A ‘Captive’ is an Insurance Company specifically designed and created to insure the risks of an Organisation, Company or Business.

Establishing a Captive for your own Company has significant advantages to your business relating to your own attitude to Risk Management, projected Company earnings and expenditure and also Company Tax Planning and Forecasting.

Conventional mainstream ‘off the shelf’ Insurance Products are often limited and restricted in coverage required by certain types of businesses and operations.

With the creation of your own Captive Insurance Company, your business exposures can be minimised and insured with tailor made bespoke Policy Wordings written in plain English you have agreed to.

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What do I need to know?

There are many reason why owners wish to consider setting up a captive. The ability to have more control over your premium spend. They are also established as an additional income stream as one of the most important attributes of a captive that is often missed is that captives convert ‘insurance costs and risk management’ from ‘a major cost centre’ into ‘a major profit centre and wealth generator’ for the parent company.

Ideally, a business owner or group of owners with a substantial operating business that has significant uninsured or underinsured risks. The operating business would need to have a minimum of $2 million in pre-tax profits, before any forms of compensation. On this basis Vanuatu Captive Insurance Services can facilitate a pre-assessment, to determine the likelihood of a successful captive arrangement.

Vanuatu Captive Insurance Services will handle the establishments, and creation of the captive combined with all operational aspects on your behalf. Your involvement will be limited only by the amount of time and effort you wish to contribute. We will take care of everything based on your requests.

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